The idea –

is to remove the “barriers” when communicating in English, to make the communication process as interesting as possible.

Everyone has something to tell, everyone can learn something new and useful from the other person, have fun, learn to do it in English without the slightest embarrassment and discomfort.


Our features:


- we help each other because we want to practise together in communication in English;


- we do not have a teacher, we communicate and help each other;


- we choose a cozy place for comfortable communication;


- all participate in the selection of topics for discussion;

Different formats

- we also play board games, watch movies from time to time, etc., but we do it all productively;


- to make our communication not only funny, useful, but also delicious, together we will take care to have some goodies;


- we correct at will; agree that it is not effective to correct a person in the first step, when you did not even have time to get acquainted and get used to each other’s speech;

Always up to date

- time and place, topics and format of meetings (time, place, snacks, etc.) are discussed in the general chat in Telegram


Lessons Cost (UAH)
1 200
4 in a month 600
8 in a month 960

How to join:

- contact us in the way convenient for you from those listed below;

- do the test to determine the level of knowledge;

- send us a screenshot of the test results;

- we add you to the talk chat telegram chat.

Welcome to the conversational club, we will be glad to see you!

Contact us:




Thursday 19:30 - 21:30
Sunday 12:00 - 14:30


Facebook: Nataly Oblovatska